Megan Sanguinetti

240x240-boilerroom Boiler Room & Stan Bitters
240x240-postcards Heath Postcard Redesign
icon-seriesone Between Hand & Machine
holidaytile-icon5 Holiday Tile
240x240-registrycard Heath Registry Materials
akio-icon Akio & Friends Shows
letterpress-icon Letterpress
240x240-designintime Design in Time
Heath10-NY-icon Heath10 in New York
Cantina Icon Cantina El Milamores
Icon Architecture in Schools
Wedding Map Icon Michelle and Emmy
Independence Day Icon Independence Day Poster
Euro Cup Icon Euro Cup 2012
Icon_Valentine's Day Takoba Menus
MMMicon Cantina El Milamores
Mezcal-Festival-2012Icon Takoba Posters
El Tacorrido Icon El Tacorrido
Flight Board Icon Takoba Bits and Pieces
Console Personal Furniture
240x240-takobaicon Takoba Addition
Icon Coffee Table
Origin Magazine Icon Origin Magazine
Two Wheeler Poster Icon Two Wheeler Tuesday
Gallery Art Gallery
Model Icon Centro Kursaal Study
CIMG3422 Bird Blind
IBM Icon IBM Pavilion Study
Odds and Ends Icon Many years ago…